A bit about Me.... 

How did I become a documentary wedding photographer? 

Where do I start? At the beginning I suppose...

I've always had an interest for all things to do with art. I was the kid at home always drawing on the wall according to my parents.  Then I was lucky to have a brilliant art teacher at school who helped spark a lifelong passion for painting design and photography.

Art college beckoned but the chance of a life of adventure, skiing and travel got the better of me and led me abroad with a motley collection of cameras in hand and an urge to try new experiences.

I spent 4 fantastic summers washing dishes on a tiny Greek Island with a crazy group of friends, followed by way too many winters ski bumming in the Switzerland before buying and running a guesthouse at the foot of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France for 10 years!  Great times and a fun life but in the end reality set in when I met an amazing girl and became a father.

Starting a family led me back to North London to a crumbling old house near the park, full of friends, laughter, children's toys and more recently two crazy kittens. 

I'd always taken photos on my travels, recording the fun and the good times. But taking photos of my beautiful sons growing up sparked the urge to push my photography more creatively and to my surprise I discovered a passion for taking portraits of people both young and old. 

Now I get the same buzz from the excitement and challenges of shooting stylish, fast paced weddings and portraits that really capture the spirit of a person that I used to have living in the Alps.

I suppose it helped having always been a people person! I love the chance and the opportunity to get to know so many fantastic couples and their friends and family which makes documentary wedding photography the best job in the world.

The happiness and laughter at the wedding ceremony is always an amazing privilege to be involved with and a pleasure to record. Followed by the joy of seeing my happy clients faces' light up when they first see the finished edited images keeps on inspiring me.

I care about every couple who gets in touch and always willing to have the chat about your wedding plans and I always feel honoured if chosen to tell the story of your important wedding day.

So if you like my work and I hope you do send me an email or give me a ring for a chat and I'll ring you back.